My Method

Drawing from over 25 years of experience as an award-winning actor, presenter, and professor, I have developed a unique and transformative method of teaching how to improve public speaking in my communication classes in San Diego and around the country. I take a tailored and targeted approach to your training by focusing on the areas that bring about immediate improvement and results. I also have an action plan for your growth to help you develop a unique set of techniques tailored to your specific presentation goals.


I will teach you how to improve your public speaking, fine-tune your message with laser-like precision, and raise the stakes to express it with power and in a meaningful way.

Vocal Technique

My success speaking in front of large audiences of over 2,000 people comes in part from my ability to use my voice effectively. With the techniques you learn in my communication classes in San Diego, you'll be able to reach the back row with the same impact as the folks in the front, with or without a mic!

Body Language

Your body language has the power to make or break your presentation. If you are uncomfortable in your skin during the presentation, your audience will be uncomfortable in theirs.

Let me show you how to improve your communication skills by using your posture, gestures, and facial expressions to engage, persuade, and motivate your listeners so they can enjoy every moment of your presentation.


An excellent communicator knows they must create a real connection with every audience member—they know a real connection means more than just being heard. That is why the best presenters aim to inspire their listeners. You will learn not only how to improve your public speaking, but also how to share your story so that your audience hangs on to your every word.


Your passion has the power to bring your presentation to life and to inspire others! These proven communication classes in San Diego, online, or around the country will teach you how to unlock and channel your excitement for your subject matter.

From work obligations to life-long passion projects, I can help you develop a charismatic and eloquent manner to drive each message home.

What We Will Work On

• Breathing
• Vocal technique: pitch, volume, pace, timbre
• Articulation
• Accents (if applicable)
• How to use silence to your advantage
• Eye contact
• Connection
• Objective
• Stakes
• Strength
• Confidence
• Overcoming obstacles
• Reading your audience
• How to study great speakers
• Practice methodology
• Dealing with distractions
• How to be natural

• How to structure your speech or presentation
• Use visuals and PowerPoints without over-relying on them
• How to use your notes without being tied to them
• The importance of hydration, exercise, warm-ups
• How to prepare for the worst–handle mistakes with ease
• How to use nerves to your advantage
• Getting in the zone
• The power of the smile
• Body language
• How to use the stage (if applicable)
• How to make it all about your audience
• Where to focus your attention
• How to get the audience involved
• Making sure your audience leaves with a take-away
• Allowing your personality to come through
• Avoiding unnecessary fillers
• How to have fun

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